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Special solutions

Along with standard products are produced modified coupling for special operating conditions and coupling with non-technical harakterictikami:
- couplings for any micro-climatic regions, including areas with rain, marine, cold climate;
- corrosion-resistant design in the clutch (on 100% made of corrosion-resistant alloys);
- coupling with the intermediate shaft - for long distances between the ends of the shafts;
- "row coupling" - couplings with elastic elements in one package, rigidly fixing shafts joined in a radial plane and compensating their mutual angular and axial displacement;
- special coupling to the high transmittable torque (to 330000 nm);
- Insulated sleeve, preventing galvanic corrosion in the nodes and details of connected units. Insulated couplings are manufactured on the basis of electrical insulating materials with garantirovannyemi Mehnichesky and electrical characteristics. B muftax konstrukцii "NTK" insulator is a part of the removable part of the coupling ("spacer"), whereby during assembly / disassembly excluded disassembly / assembly unit with insulating wearing parts and maintained the possibility of hot mounting / dismounting of the coupling halves onto the shaft.