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Along with serial products, modified couplings are produced for special operating conditions and couplings with non-standard technical characteristics:
- couplings used in any microclimatic areas, including areas with tropical, marine, cold climates;
- couplings in corrosion-resistant design (on 100% made of corrosion-resistant alloys);
- couplings with an intermediate shaft - designed for large distances between the ends of the shaft being joined;
- "single-row couplings" - couplings with one package of elastic elements, rigidly fixing the connecting shafts in the radial plane and compensating their mutual angular and axial displacements;
- special couplings for high transmitted torque (up to 330000 Nm);
- electrically insulated couplings, to prevent electro-corrosion in the assemblies and parts of the units being joined. Electrically insulated couplings are made on the basis of electrically insulating materials with guaranteed mechanical and electrical characteristics.. In the "NTK" design couplings, the insulator is part of the removable part of the coupling ("spacer"), due to which, during assembly / disassembly, disassembly / assembly of the assembly with insulating parts is excluded and the possibility of hot assembly / disassembly of the coupling halves on the shafts is preserved.

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