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By order of LLC NPP Nasostekhkomplekt, it can develop and manufacture magnetic couplings of a special design according to the customer's specifications.
Magnetic couplings are designed for contactless transmission of torque from the drive shaft to the driven shaft due to the interaction of magnetic fields. The magnetic field is created by permanent magnets, installed in the leading and driven half couplings. Protective shield, located between the half-couplings ensures the tightness of the pumped product.
An application range of the device is.
In circulating and pressure systems for pumping environmentally hazardous and aggressive liquids in the production of chemical, oil- and gas processing, Food Industry, in refrigeration technology, energy, wastewater treatment plants.
Features of magnetic couplings:
– prevent the destruction of machine components under impulse and shock loads.;
– do not consume electricity, unlike electromagnetic clutches;
– have no wearing parts, the service life is determined by the service life of the magnets;
– provides lower maintenance and operating costs;
– safe when working with aggressive, highly toxic, flammable and explosive environments;
– eliminate leakage and ensure the cleanliness of the pumped product.

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