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The Laboratory of Vibration Reliability LAVINA is a structural subdivision of Scientific and production enterprise “Nasostekhkomplekt”, the task of which is the development and implementation of methods, technologies, hardware and software for vibrometry, vibromonitoring, vibration diagnostics, balancing, as well as improvement the vibro-acoustic characteristics of industrial equipment and on this basis the increasing of the reliability, resource and efficiency indicators.

The problems solution of industrial equipment vibration diagnostics requires deep knowledge and experience simultaneously in several areas: mechanics, including. Dynamics and Strength), Hydro-aerodynamics, theory of regulation and stability, Mechanical Engineering, and applied mathematics, programming, industrial electronics, and also special knowledge in the field of concrete branch of mechanical engineering, to which the equipment belongs. The decisive factor in the laboratory operational efficiency is an integrated intersystem approach, ensured by its personnel filling, including specialists in the field of industrial electronics, automation, programming, mechanics, dynamics, and applied mathematics.

The laboratory develops tools for measuring and analyzing the vibrations of industrial equipment such as:

- portable vibration meters;

- portable spectrum analyzers;

- stationary vibration monitoring systems and vibration diagnostics, including components;

- balancing machines;

- stationary and portable equipment for balancing, including. "in their own pillars";

- renders services in vibration measurements, vibration diagnostics and balancing.