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Compact Vibration Tester, by the laboratory vibronadezhnosti AVALANCHE, designed to express - industrial machinery vibration control parameters to assess its operational technical state.

Compact VDK_P1 vibrometers and VDK_P3 «vibroruchki" combine in one housing vibrator and the secondary device with the device display and control elements. For the measurement instrument is held in the hand in contact with the object to be measured.

User Guide vibrometer VDK_P_2018 [607 Kb]
BRIEF DESCRIPTION Vibroruchka Vibrostiker [418 Kb]

Ultra vibrometer VDK_PS «vibrostiker" does not currently analogues. Configured in a miniature monoblock shakeproof format and completely attached to the measurement object using the magnetic holder or other means.
VDK_P instruments ... - it:
- wide functionality with small dimensions
- low power consumption
- bright OLED screen
- aluminium case
- almost instant vibration measurement
- 100% readiness for measurements at the time of power-up
- high accuracy and reliability
- charging devices via a standard Mini-USB connector
- continuous operation time from one charge to 8 hours