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Devices of the VDK series are designed for operational control of the technical condition of equipment during operation, repair and maintenance of electric motors, pumps, compressors, turbines, fans and other dynamic equipment.
Designed and manufactured by NPP Nasostekhkomplekt LLC, VDK series instruments allow measurement of the following vibration parameters: RMS vibration velocity and vibration acceleration, vibration acceleration amplitudes, range of vibration displacement, peak factor and others. Advanced functionality makes it possible to display spectral and temporal characteristics in real time, allows one- and two-plane balancing, determine natural frequency. The measured data can be stored in the memory of the device with subsequent uploading to a computer for subsequent analysis and diagnostics of the examined dynamic equipment.

Features and Benefits:
- intuitive interface
- touch screen, which facilitates navigation on the instrument menu and is convenient when analyzing spectral characteristics
- wide functionality
- compact dimensions
- low power consumption
- 100% readiness for measurements at the time of power-up
- high accuracy and reliability
- rotor balancing in own bearings
- the device is charged via a standard mini USB connector

Areas of use: chemical, petrochemical, gas, oil, mining, food industry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, energy and others.

VDK Product Features [190 Kb]