"SPE" Nasostehkomplekt "company was founded in 1997 year of the initiative group of scientists and specialists, machine engineers to join efforts in the realization of its own applied research and innovation to create a modern machine-building production.

Currently, the company brings together a team of scientists, competent design engineers, technologists, highly skilled machinists and fitters, that allows you to effectively solve the problem of creation of high-tech equipment for various industries at all stages: research, design, production and implementation.

Compliance of products to European standards is provided acting on the company's quality system, meets the international standard ISO 9001 and certified by the German Bureau Veritas.

Patent purity products and copyrights are protected by patents for inventions, utility models and industrial designs.

Products "SPE" Nasostehkomplekt "known in Europe and Asia. Among the regular customers of our products - the largest machine-building enterprises, energy (including nuclear), oil, oil and gas refining, oil and gas transportation, chemical and other industries.