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Elastic plate clutch

  Ph.D.. Gulyj A. N. Материалы отраслевого совещания главных механиков нефтеперерабатывающих и нефтехимических предприятий России и СНГ. m. Kirishi, 12-22 November 2002 m. Over the past 40 s elastic plate clutch in the world replacing gear and bush-finger. Стандарт ISO / CD 13709 / API 610 It provides only an elastic compensating element type couplings for centrifugal pumps, chemical and oil refining industries.

The use of elastic coupling plate in nutrient pumping units

In the past, large feed pumps of domestic production were completed, predominantly, tooth-type clutch (MH). In recent years, there is a tendency to replace staff gear couplings nutrient pumps with both electric - and a turbine drive for the elastic coupling plate (MUP), initiated by the major power generating enterprises of Ukraine and CIS countries. The largest thermal power plant in Ukraine and